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Processing of plastics

Injection moulding technology.

Thanks to many years of experience in injection moulding technology and the company’s focus on quality, we have been successful in expanding our business internationally. Today, we offer our business partners professional products for the construction industry and the garden with the highest quality and consistency. These include, for example, rectangular mortar boxes, paintbrushes, plastic buckets and snow shovels.

We earn our customers loyalty by continuously improving the quality of the products they purchase. By investing in modern technologies, we ensure that each paint tray, bucket or snow shovel we sell has the best possible attributes both in terms of quality and visually.

As a company, we offer comprehensive and responsible production of a variety of articles made of plastics. We guide our customers through the complete path of developing a product – from design, through the construction of injection moulds, to the launch of serial production supervised by our specialists.

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We offer a wide variety of products.

Among the many products we offer, you’ll find handy plastic buckets in different sizes, multipurpose construction boxes and more. Also, check out our tough plastic and aluminium shovels for renovation or earthworks. Made of plastic resistant to mechanical damage, they are available in several colours and a wide range of sizes and capacities. Are you a pro or a do-it-yourselfer? Either way, we recommend professional products like trays, grates, buckets, boxes and paint brushes, as well as plastic liners in a wide range of sizes. They are indispensable for anyone involved in finishing and renovation of interiors. We’ve made sure that these products are tough and resistant to most external factors.

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Variety of processes.

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High-density polyethylene is used in the manufacture of many products and packaging. Similarly to PP (Polypropylene), it is recognised as one of the safest materials for humans. HDPE is characterised by its resistance to water, acids, salts and alcohols. It is used in the manufacture of canisters, pressure pipes, boxes, etc.

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Polyvinyl chloride is a material characterised by high mechanical strength and resistance to many solvents. It is used in the manufacture of windows and doors and in medicine for probes, drains or syringes.

Przetwarzanie tworzyw sztucznych
LDPE symbol


Low-density polyethylene, as opposed to HDPE, is more flexible and tear-resistant. It is odourless and completely inert physiologically. It is used, for example, for packaging films, sacks or bags.

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Polypropylene is one of the most important and commonly used polymers in the world. Thanks to its strength, resistance to various factors, and ease of processing, polypropylene plays a crucial role in creating innovative and durable products in the food, automotive, electronics, and medical industries.

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Thanks to its properties, polystyrene makes it possible to produce parts that are smaller and have more complex shapes than those made from PP and PE. It is used in the production of thermal insulation, packaging for medicines and cosmetics, accessories and toys.

About us

Why you can trust us?

ZETA has been in business for over thirty years. Since 1993, we have been manufacturing high-quality products from plastics, constantly improving their parameters and ensuring attractive pricing. Focusing on high quality and constantly investing in modern machinery, we are continuing to grow our business. Currently, ZETA is the largest manufacturer of plastic buckets and similar articles in Poland. We offer our business partners professional products for construction and gardening. These are mainly buckets, mortar boxes, painting articles and snow shovels. We also spare no effort to earn our customers’ loyalty by continuously improving the quality of our products, which includes investing in modern technology. Our products are characterised by high durability and can be found all over Poland, in many countries of the European Union and the Middle East.

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We have over 3000 square meters of outdoor space plus 2000 square meters indoors.

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We have been in this successful business for over twenty-five years.

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Qualified staff

Our employees attend specialised courses to continuously raise and refine their qualifications.

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Innovative solutions

We invest in modern machinery and equipment to increase the quality of our products.

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