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The right tools make all painting work much more efficient. The painter’s bucket we offer has a convenient rectangular shape, which makes it more comfortable to dip a paint roller into the paint. The inner surface of one wall is textured, which makes it much easier to remove excess paint. The bucket’s special material makes it possible to clean drying paint residue from the walls and restore the container’s aesthetic appearance. Transport of the bucket full of paint is facilitated by a sturdy handle, the shape of which enables the bucket to be hung on a hook.

Paint bucket 8L

Paint bucket 8L

Capacity: 8L
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Paint bucket 12L

Paint bucket 12L

Capacity: 12L
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In our showroom, you’ll find handy buckets, round and rectangular mortar boxes and multipurpose builder’s bowls. Also, check out our durable aluminium shovels, which will come in handy during renovation or earthworks.

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