Builder’s products

Builder’s products .

It is hard to imagine a renovation or construction project without accessories that make the work easier and faster. As an experienced manufacturer, we offer construction trays, plastic buckets, pails and bowls. In addition, we make light and durable snow shovels, perfect for the winter season. We offer a wide selection of sizes and shapes so that the customers can match them to the particular conditions on their site. Our products stand out because of their high resistance to mechanical damage and external conditions. They are useful when mixing adhesives, paints or mortar. They are capacious and handy. And they are versatile enough to be used in other industries.


Builder’s buckets .

Plastic buckets are used in a wide variety of applications on any construction site. We have a broad range of sizes, all made with the same high quality. The buckets presented on our website have been developed for maximum durability, which is why they are extremely resistant to both impacts and heavy loads. At ZETA, we are also environmentally conscious, which is why each of the presented plastic buckets was created using recycled materials. The buckets are also very useful for non-construction jobs, such as gardening. We invite you to contact us, shop on our website and experience the advantages of our buckets.

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Professional line .

A specialised line of products designed for highly demanding construction applications. Our products are designed to guarantee maximum safety when working in extremely difficult conditions. They are made of high-quality plastics and have a thick handle, guaranteeing resistance to impact in a wide range of use and weather conditions. Their high load-bearing capacity is attested by the TUV quality certificate, which assures the quality and effectiveness of the product line.

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Rectangular mortar boxes .

We recommend the rectangular mortar boxes made of plastics. Our line includes boxes with three capacities to meet the requirements of various construction sites. We have developed these boxes to meet the requirements of the building industry. A strong bottom, great durability and, at the same time, flexibility ensure that our products can be used for a long time. Moreover, they are easy to clean and transport. The use of these boxes is not limited to construction sites – they can also be used for other purposes, such as gardening.

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Round mortar boxes .

These are extremely useful – whether working on a construction site, farm or in the garden. The greatest advantage of all of our buckets is their versatility. They are handy whether you are removing rubble or mixing mortar, or need a container for used animal bedding, manure or feed. They are ideal as containers for weeds in your garden and can be easily transported by the four conveniently placed handles. This product is also ecological, as it is made from recycled materials.

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Builder’s bowls .

If you need a multi-purpose container that will make your housework, gardening or farming much easier, our construction bowls are sure to meet your needs. Of course, they can be used for mixing mortar, but also for storing small items. In the garden, they will come in handy during fruit harvest, or for mixing fertiliser with water. When working on the farm, they can be used as containers for grain or water for animals. Carrying heavy loads is facilitated by two convenient handles.

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We offer a wide variety of products.

In our showroom, you’ll find handy buckets, round and rectangular mortar boxes and multipurpose builder’s bowls. Also, check out our durable aluminium shovels, which will come in handy during renovation or earthworks.

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