Builder’s buckets

Builder’s bucket high 10L

This construction bucket is an indispensable piece of equipment for every builder. It is a tough and durable tool that allows you to transport all kinds of building materials easily and conveniently. Our bucket is made of durable plastics, making it not only lightweight and easy to use, but also resistant to mechanical damage and chemicals. It has a special handle, which enables you to carry even heavy loads comfortably and safely. It can be used to carry materials such as cement, sand, water or concrete, as well as to store tools and other items needed on the construction site.

Dostępne kolory:
Quantity per pallet (pcs.)
10 L
General information

Product description.

- High resistance to loads and impacts;

- Flexible, resistant to cracking;

- Galvanized metal handle;

- Made from recyled materials;

- Metal Handle specially shaped to hang.


Technical data.

Product code
Quantity per pallet (pcs.)
WB10LW 275 285 1100 10 L quotation
WB5L 235 195 1875 5 L See
WB5LL 235 195 1875 5 L See
WB10LN 305 210 1210 10 L See
WB12L35 305 240 1265 12 L See
WB12L43 305 240 1265 12 L See
WB12LL 305 240 1375 12 L See
WB12L7 325 230 990 12 L See
WB16L 340 275 750 16 L See
WB20L40 383 275 720 20 L See
WB20L50 383 275 720 20 L See
WB20LL 383 275 720 20 L See
WB20L7 383 275 666 20 L See

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